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How to Save Hundreds on Your Next Flight

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Booking flights can be a confusing process and trying to find the cheapest flight seems like something only seasoned professionals can do. With these tips, you will be well equipped to find a great deal on your way to complete internships abroad.


1. Book early.

Flight prices work in cycles, this is why it is a good idea to start looking prices early. Ideally, you want to begin looking for flights 6 weeks before your departure for your internship abroad. This will give you plenty of time to determine the price cycle and capitalize when prices are at their lowest. This means if prices go up, don’t panic! It will most likely come down again, even within 3 weeks of departing.


2. Choose your days.

Having flexible departure dates makes a huge difference when finding the absolute cheapest flight. Traditionally, the cheapest flights are on Tuesday, however, this is not always case and it can be valuable to check for all your available days. This rule pretty much goes out the window around big holiday times like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, if you have the opportunity to fly directly on those holidays, then you could find yourself a bargain for your international internship preparation!



3. Check multiple sources

Unfortunately, no flight directory is always the cheapest. You will need to check multiple sources to be sure that you are getting the cheapest flights. Occasionally, when you find a great price on a flight directory, you can check the airline’s website to find the flight for even cheaper. There is no definitive guide to the best directories, however if you are using Kayak, Skyscanner and Google Flights you are off to a good start.


4. Driving before flying

Do you live in a small town with a one-gate airport? Sometimes, your short connecting flight to a major hub like Atlanta or Los Angeles can add hundreds on to your ticket. If it is a possibility for you, try checking out nearby larger airports that you could fly from for dramatic savings. You will be surprised how often a short drive or train ride can save your wallet.

Going the extra mile to secure a cheap flight can save you hundreds of dollars for your internship abroad. Whether it means driving to another town or flying on a holiday day. Securing the cheapest flight is a combination of these tips and will make even the seasoned traveler jealous of the price you paid to get there.


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