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Program Information

What is the CareerUp Program?

CareerUp is one of the top providers of internships abroad in the world. With offices in San Francisco and Montreal, we have connected thousands of talented students and young professionals with world-class internships abroad since 2011. Numerous studies have shown that internship experience is more important for career success than college reputation, GPA, or course work completed. The CareerUp program allows our clients to access the best international internship opportunities possible and maximize career outcomes.

Why intern abroad?

Interning abroad unlocks a world new internship opportunities. By traveling for an international internship, you get a much higher quality experience that you leverage back home to help secure a great full-time position. International internship experience will be a key differentiator between you and the other five million college graduates each year.

What type of candidates are accepted to the program?

All applicants must either be enrolled in a degree program or have successfully completed one. We are looking for candidates who have exhibited a strong academic record and have challenged themselves with extra-curricular activities.

What is included in the tuition fee?

The CareerUp program is designed to be an all-inclusive experience. Your tuition includes fully furnished housing for the duration of your stay, international internship placement, career coaching, daily transportation to and from work, 24/7 on-ground support, pre-departure & visa assistance, arrival weekend banquet, and group activities. The costs you will have to assume are for food and your plane ticket.


Can I speak to CareerUp alumni?

We encourage all our new interns to speak to an alumni of the program. If accepted, your Admission Counselor will gladly connect you with an Alumni of similar profile upon request. If you have yet to be accepted to the program, you can visit our Alumni Page to review our testimonial videos, articles and photos. You can also check out our Instagram account to get an insider’s point of view of the CareerUp program.

What are the language requirements?

The only language requirement is English. English is a primary language in all our destination cities and our partner’s offices hosting international internships.

How does the visa application process work?

The visa application process varies depending on your internship destination and the origin of your passport. CareerUp has a team of visa experts who will provide you personalized assistance and make the application process a breeze. As a minimum requirement, all participants must have a passport with at least 6 months validity from their scheduled departure date.

Application Process

How does the application process work?

1. Apply Online

Complete the online application form and get Access to your App Dashboard.

2. Phone Consultation with your Admissions Counselor

An Admissions Counselor will contact you a few business days after submitting your application for a phone consultation. We will work with you to understand your professional goals and interests to identify the best international internship opportunities for you!

3. Review Internship opportunities

You will receive your personalized Internship Placement Offer within a week of the phone consultation, which will detail the internships you qualify for within our network. If you’re interested in securing one of the listed positions, you may commit to the program by placing a deposit within 7 days of receiving the Placement Offer. This deposit is required by our corporate partners and is fully refundable in the event that we are unable to place you in an internship.

4. Confirm your Spot in the Program

Once you’ve committed to the program, our Placement Team will send your profile directly to our corporate partners for final review. We hope this process takes between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the time of the year. We may require additional interviews, which our coordinators can help you prepare for.

5. Secure an Internship

After you’ve secured an internship with a company, you will receive a Pre-Departure Packet with details about your internship role, your supervisor’s contact information, and balance payment information. To secure your international internship, complete the balance payment of the program fee within 10 days of receiving this packet, or 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, whichever is sooner.

6. Get Ready for your Trip!

Once we’ve received full balance payment, you can begin to prepare for an amazing and fulfilling trip abroad! Details of your arrival and a schedule of events are included in the Welcome Packet.

Is this program open to applicants worldwide?

While visa requirements may vary from passport-to-passport, we accept applicants worldwide.  In fact, we have worked with interns from over 40 different countries!

Is there an application fee?

Applications to the program only take two minutes and your placement is guaranteed. If you do not get placed with an internship position that you pre-approved, you will be eligible for a full refund of your program deposit.

What is the application deadline?

CareerUp offers multiple programs throughout the year. Application deadlines are roughly six weeks prior to the start of each program. For specific application deadlines, please review our Tuition & Dates page.

The Internship

Are internships available for all position types and industries?

CareerUp has formed partnerships with organizations in a wide variety of industry sectors. We aim to provide opportunities in all major professional fields and industry sectors. If you would like to pursue an internship that isn’t listed in our general Internship Sectors page, please communicate this to your Admissions Counselor during your initial consultation.

Will I be paid during my internship?

CareerUp internships are unpaid and CareerUp does not charge businesses to use our placement service. This approach allows us to work with the highest quality organizations. Additionally, as an unpaid intern, you are able to avoid the significant legal and tax requirements of paid workers. The real value of the internship is in the benefit it provides to your resume. Having international internship experience will help you land a higher level job after graduating. Studies have shown that students with relevant internship experience make $10,000 more per year at their first job.

How many hours a week will I be expected to work?

Work schedules vary from one company to another. However, you can expect to work between 35 to 40 hours a week. Managers at our partner companies are flexible and it is common for them to allow you to take a few extra days off for a long weekend. They understand that you are participating to the program to gain professional experience, but also to make the most out of your time abroad.

Will I receive a reference letter from my internship?

Yes. It is common for CareerUp interns to receive reference letters from their host company. After successfully completing your internship, CareerUp can work with you to request a reference letter from your supervisor. Reference letters are a great addition to your professional portfolio.

Will my internship lead to permanent employment?

While there are no guarantees, it is common for a company to offer an intern full-time employment after their internship. Many CareerUp alumni are currently working for their host companies abroad or at the domestic offices of their host company. We highly encourage our partner companies to hire CareerUp interns, however these arrangements occur independently of the CareerUp program.

How long will my internship last?

Depending on the company, internships are available 1, 2 or 3 month durations. We do work with select candidates for longer term internships upon request. For more information please refer to the Tuition & Dates page, or speak to your Admissions Counselor.

Which company will I work for?

If accepted to the CareerUp program, you will work with an admissions counselor to identify which internships are best for your specific career goals. CareerUp guarantees placement at one of your shortlisted internships. However, we are not able to guarantee placement to a specific internship. Final hiring decisions are made by our business partners based on their internal hiring guidelines and review.


What is the daily schedule?

A typical intern’s day starts by eating breakfast with fellow interns in your apartment or at a nearby café. You then take a Uber or Metro ride to your office. You will likely be interning with other CareerUp interns and will be able to carpool and travel together.  A typical work day goes from 9:00am to 5:00pm with a one hour lunch break.

After work, you will get together with other CareerUp interns to enjoy a meal or explore the city. You can also just relax at home or by the pool after a long day. On weekends and holidays, it is common for interns to plan trips and adventures out of town.  CareerUp also provides an exciting literary of events and activities during your stay.

What should I wear on the first day?

We recommend all our interns wear business casual attire on their first day to create a good impression. Feel free to adjust your attire to match the office in the days that follow.

How much money will I need to cover daily living costs while I’m abroad?

As is the case anywhere else, the amount of money spent on a daily basis varies from individual-to-individual. It is possible to live on a budget of as little as $5 a day by eating at food stalls and limiting cost for social activities, but if you choose to eat at higher end restaurants, take taxis, and spending money on social activities like bars, you could spend up to $40 a day.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to spend up to $6-10  a day during the weekdays, and up to $20 a day on weekends.

What type of housing does CareerUp provide?

The CareerUp program includes quality, fully furnished accommodations giving access to a kitchen, cleaning services, and everything you need for your day to day living. They also may include access to a gym, pool, sports facilities, terrace, free breakfast, depending on your destination.

In some destinations, you will have roommates in a shared condo while in other destinations, you can get your own private studio depending on availabilities.

Here are pictures of accommodations we have worked with in the past:








Why do I need to place a housing deposit and how does it work?

Before your arrival, you will be asked to place a small $400.00 deposit payment with the housing owner.  This deposit will be fully refunded after your stay if standard leasing expectations are met. It will cover excess usage of utilities (like leaving the air conditioning on all day)  and damage and loss did to the property (loss of keys, keycards, damaged items).

Provided that there are no damages, breakages or excess utility charges you will receive a full refund of your housing deposit within 60 days of departing your destination city. If there have been excess usage or damages, CareerUp will deduct them off of your deposit and refund the balance.

Can I prepare my own food?

Yes! All CareerUp accommodations are equipped with fully furnished kitchens where you will be able to store and prepare your own food. Every accommodation is located close to a grocery store and local markets.

Is there Wifi at my accommodation?

Yes, fast and free unlimited Wifi is always available.

How should I prepare for my trip?

CareerUp makes it easy to prepare for your trip.  You will receive detailed pre-departure advice in a Welcome Packet and Pre-Departure Packet. You can also find general information about about your program on the relevant destination page.

Upon your arrival, our coordinators will provide you with comprehensive orientation on living and working abroad. This orientation will include lessons on culture, etiquette, safety, and business practices.

Does CareerUp provide local support during my internship?

Yes. CareerUp provides a team of local coordinators who are available 24/7. You will meet your on-ground coordinators during arrival and orientation weekend. Our on-ground coordinators have a deep knowledge of their home city and will make sure you have an amazing stay. They are also a great way to learn the best restaurants and activities around town.

Are meals included in the program fee?

Meals are not covered in the program fee. However, CareerUp does host a dinner event on your orientation day. Some companies provide lunch for their interns, but participants are generally responsible for their food. There will be plenty of amazing and affordable restaurants near your accommodation and office.

What happens once I land at the airport?

Once you land at the airport, you will be greeted by CareerUp representative awaiting your arrival outside the arrival gate. From the airport, you will be shuttled to the hotel with some of the other newly arrived interns. The next day you’ll be invited to join for orientation day to meet and greet the rest of the interns. To take advantage of our airport pick-up service, please arrive during the scheduled arrival hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.


Is my deposit refundable?

A deposit is required to secure your spot in the CareerUp program. This deposit comes with 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that we are unable to place you with one of your pre-approved international internships.

After placing a deposit, when is the balance of the program fee due?

The remaining balance of the program fee is due up to 14 days after receiving your internship details in your Pre-Departure Packet.

Are there scholarships available to help fund my trip?

We understand that it may be difficult for some individuals to cover the tuition. There are several resources available for individuals that may help in financing the tuition.

Please review the resources below or visit our Tuition & Dates page for more information:

Is there an installment plan for tuition payments?

CareerUp offers flexible installment plans that allow you to divide your tuition into smaller payments. This makes it easy to pay for the program over time.  If accepted to the program, please discuss this option with your Admissions Counselor.

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