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How to Turn Internships Abroad into a Full-Time Job

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If you’ve ever thought about working overseas someday, then you probably already know that internships abroad are a great way to get a foot in the door. Many of CareerUp’s interns, after a few months of due diligence and becoming engaged in office life, have managed to secure a job offer after completion of their international interships. Most of all, we are proud to say that we have alumni currently working in Southeast Asia as a direct result of their CareerUp internship!


Turn Enthusiasm into Responsibility

First of all, starting your new internship abroad with an enthusiastic attitude is a must. However, turning that into responsibility can take some maneuvering. Is there more to the project you have been given? Does someone in the office need help? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself to get the most from your experience. You are looking to be constantly learning, implementing yourself heavily in the company’s projects so that your presence is felt in the workload and in the office. Even suggesting valuable projects to the company that you can undertake, will show that you aren’t afraid to wear many different hats. With your enthusiasm, responsibility, and company knowledge, you will be in a prime position to secure any floating job offers.


Making Your Intentions Clear

Furthermore, making your intentions clear can have a lot of unexpected benefits. It let your new employers know what you are looking for your international internship. If your employers are thinking in terms of long-term commitment, they will be more open to giving you more complex projects as well as distributing some more responsibility your way. This gives you the perfect opportunity to show the difference you can make to the team, the office, and the company. Another positive outcome of having your future plans known by your employer is the networking possibilities. A former CareerUp intern secured a full-time paid position after her former boss strongly recommended her to a friend!


Be careful: You aren’t looking to bring this up in your internship interview. Wait until you have secured your spot and hit the ground running. It’s understandable to want it to be known as soon as possible. However, during the interview, you are looking for the internship and not the employment that may or may not comes later.



Finally, moving from internship to full-time employment isn’t always a straightforward process. Sometimes, no matter how well your internship has panned out and how much the managers would love to keep you on board, there may not be a full-time position available. Networking is also a great way to boost the effect of your internship. There is a reason that CareerUp organizes social activities for its interns. Take advantage of them! The Asian market is currently booming and fantastic international internship opportunities are becoming available every day. Creating an expansive network is a great way to take advantage of recommendations and recognition while in SE Asia.


Most of all, internships abroad are the best way to break into an international market. Securing a great opportunity with CareerUp can accelerate your career. By impressing your manager and your office, you will be able to convert your internship abroad into full-time employment in an increasingly competitive job market.

If you need a little extra help, explore our coaching services designed to help you reach your professional goals. To learn more ways you can improve your resume and career readiness, book a consultation with one of our career coaches today!

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