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Making The Most out of Your Remote Internship

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Starting an internship can open many doors for you on route to landing your dream job. In order to get the most out of your internship experience and to stay on track, we have compiled 5 simple tips you can implement when working remotely.

1- Ensure you have the perfect set up!

To boost your productivity, begin by creating a proper work environment. You can create this productive space by dedicating a part of your home to working. This can be a standard quiet desk set up or it can be a specific spot at your kitchen table. You should also make certain that you have access to a strong, high-speed internet connection. We recommend working with a computer mouse and headphones that include a microphone as well as making certain that the computer from which you work with has a webcam. These little details will make day to day operations and communication between you and your colleagues more efficient.

2- Establish your work-flow early on

Determining how you will break up your work hours is an important step after you have met with your internship supervisor and determined the tasks you will be taking on as well as your weekly benchmarks. In order to maintain productivity and engagement in your work, we recommend breaking up your day up into segments during which you disconnect and reset. Setting up your work schedule early on will help you maximize productivity, all the while taking good care of yourself.

3 – Ask for regular feedback.

Once you begin your internship, maintain open lines of communication with your internship supervisor. Make sure you ask for feedback regularly in order to keep learning and improving. Doing so will not only demonstrate to your supervisor that you are interested in the position, but also that you want to grow while helping the business succeed. It can be easy to get in the habit of completing tasks and submitting them habitually, but the true value is added to your internship if you make sure to ask for feedback in order to grow.

4- Build your network

It is a common misconception that working remotely entails missing out on social connections. To make the most of your internship, work not only with your supervisor but also with your colleagues in the same department. You can learn and grow through those connections as well. Long-lasting friendships and future networking relationships can be formed over email, chat or video messenger. Connections can also be maintained long-term through mediums such as LinkedIn. In an interconnected world, maintaining a network has never been easier!

5- Show initiative

Interning, regardless of the medium through which it is undertaken is your chance to shine. We recommend that you raise your hand and volunteer to take on additional responsibilities when you can. Showing initiative adds value to your internship and is a sure way to become a memorable intern and maybe even land a full-time job once you complete your internship!

With these simple steps, you are sure to get the most out of your remote internship but remember, while working hard is extremely important, so is having fun and being yourself!

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