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Why Intern Abroad at Startups?

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It seems like the whole world is talking about startups. Talented and creative entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves and creating a new brand of success in this exciting market. This is one of the many reasons why you should prepare for international internships at startups this summer.


1. Wearer of many hats

At every startup, there is a lot to do and not always the people power to do it. Being able to wear multiple hats simultaneously is an extremely important skill for entrepreneurs. One day can consist of finance, marketing, and business development. And another can consist of web development, event planning, and sales. Joining the team means that you too will have the chance to discover a wide range of business operations and find out what you like best during internships abroad.


2. Team

Sharing a desk with some leading innovators in your industry can be mind-boggling and incredibly valuable. Many CareerUp startup partners are on the very edge of technological development and that is why they attract the top talent from the region. As an essential part of the team, you interact with industry experts on a daily basis. This is a serious advantage during internships abroad. It is not uncommon for an intern abroad to suggest a project to the founder within weeks of starting. This sort of lateral movement is unique to the startup culture and can be worth the massive workload.


3. Making a difference

When a company is just beginning, the amount of work to be done is astonishing. The rules need to be rewritten and you could be the person to do it. On such a dynamic scale, your contribution during your internship abroad can be decisive in the future of the startup. In contrast to the coffee getting and paperwork filing internships of big corporations in the US, you will be making a difference. Not only in the business itself, but to the market as a whole as you push to develop and deliver the new way to do business.


4. Network

You spend all summer working for a great startup. You know the entire team and have become great friends. When you are looking for international internships next summer, or even a better job, the original team has grown 3-fold. This not uncommon situation puts you in a fantastic position, being good friends with the founding team, in your search for further employment.

Even if the venture doesn’t end up being successful, you are still in contact with a group that are sure to be destined for great things and working at a range of different companies.


Being part of a team in the midst of building a business can be an amazing experience whose benefits can long outlast the internships abroad. To be on the edge of what is new and to be able to develop it will be a huge boost to your resume and skillset. Ask your CareerUp admission counselor how you can make a difference in your industry.

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