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Is CareerUp Legit?

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In this day and age, everything seems to be done over the internet. Who could have imagined the day would come where arranging a work experience abroad would be possible with only a few clicks! We know this may be a big step for you, so to help you ease into it, here are some quick facts about what we do and who we are to help you rest easy, knowing you are in the hands of a reputable internship abroad program.


What Does CareerUp Do?


Simply put, CareerUp works with you to find your perfect internship and arranges all the logistics of your trip. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or are venturing out for the first time, having someone else take care of the pesky details of travel is a welcomed relief. We match you with a company, provide assistance with your visa, hunt for high-quality housing located near your work, set up daily transportation, arrange airport pickup, give you access to 24/7 on-ground support, organize an orientation banquet upon arrival and social and cultural events during your stay. All so you don’t have to!


A large part of the CareerUp experience is about making lifelong connections and sharing your cultural immersion with friends. When you first arrive, we host an orientation where you will have the chance to meet the other CareerUp participants. We organize weekend adventures to help you get acquainted with your new city and make sure you always have someone on-ground to reach out to if you need anything. You will feel right at home soon after your arrival.


Experiencing a country with other people is always better than going solo; Time and time again, our past interns recount that the friendships they made and the experiences they shared with them are among the most memorable moments of their trip, and even their lives.


You Choose Your Internships, We Guarantee You Land One


An internship with CareerUp is a sure thing. We believe you should be in control of your career path, which is why we are the only company that will present you with the positions you can apply to, before paying your initial deposit. CareerUp then lets you shortlist which companies you want to be considered for and guarantees your placement at one of them.


And here is the best part: In the rare case you are not accepted at one of your pre-approved choices, we promise you a full refund of your deposit.


How Can CareerUp Guarantee My Internship Abroad?


CareerUp receives thousands of applicants a year: if you are accepted into our program, you have something going for you!


Those who are admitted into CareerUp’s internship program abroad have demonstrated qualities and experience that we know our partners value. After you place your deposit and let us know your top choices, you will have a one-on-one session with one of our Career Coaches to refine your resume, Linkedin profile, and Interview skills. That way, when we endorse you to our partner companies, they see the most polished version of yourself. Your skills and experience coupled with our endorsement of your suitability for the role make you a top prospect for all of your internship abroad selections.


Where Can I See CareerUp Reviews?


CareerUp has reviews on Facebook, Google, GoOverseas, and Glassdoor


You can also check out our interviews with past Alumni. These former interns gave us a firsthand account of their experience abroad just to allow you to get a great idea of what you’re signing up to.


Need more information? Check out our FAQ page or contact us directly!

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