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Guest post By Briana Da Silva | March 20th 2021
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Ahh the new normal of 2020, being virtual, contactless, and sanitized, but the world has been changing for many years before this. The workplace and even the way we learn can no longer be compared to those of the generation before us. My parents who immigrated from Europe, both instilled a sense of hard work in me. I can say with certainty that my parents and many of the other role models in my life would and could not be where they are without their work ethics. However, once again things are not how they use to be. 


When they came to North America they started working right away. They were able to save up money quickly and proceeded to make large purchases, such as vehicles, a house etc., all while starting a family. Might I add this was all in their early twenties. If we take a look into my life, we see a university student who is quite involved in extracurriculars and who works part-time jobs and lives at home. I am in my second year of university and I have completed two internships, one paid and one unpaid, along with a coop term, which resulted in employment. I anticipate that I will be completing my undergraduate degree in 5 years, as in my fourth year I will be hopefully completing a yearlong internship. All of this will have happened before I officially start what I will call my first “big girl job”.  With all this said, I am a firm believer in experience. Not only will it teach you skills about the field, but it will teach you different life lessons, and give you the opportunity to expand your network.


However, I will say and conclude with this. Without your employees, there is no business. In the program I am in we learn about what is larger than just business. Here’s an inside scoop: the who, the team, the people, that are behind it all, are it all.  We may not know what the future will look like, maybe living-rooms will become the new offices, but treating people kindly, and taking care of your employees will remain. People are worth more than their net worth, and your interns might have some great ideas. So, pay them or don’t, regardless my life won’t look like my parents’ and I anticipate many more internships throughout the years. However, if both sides make the most of them what incredible opportunities internships can be.  

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