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How to Market Yourself with Minimal Experience in the Field

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You have just secured your first CareerUp interview and you are taking a hard look at your resume. You are wondering how this is going to help you secure the best internships abroad. Don’t worry! Everyone has been in your shoes, including the hiring manager looking to hire you. 


1. School Matters, Sell It

Undoubtedly, you have completed projects in college that have resembled a workplace problem. Accentuate it and don’t be afraid to use your accomplishments or projects from school to highlight your strengths. Quantifying the effect you had in a simulated project can be as effective as real world experience in showing your expertise. Focus on the relevant coursework you have taken and how these skills can apply directly in the role you are applying for.


2. Show Genuine Interest

The hiring manager has seen your resume and knows what experience (or lack of) you have. They are most likely interested in your attitude towards the position and the company in general. This can be conveyed in your interview by asking relevant and in-depth questions about the company and the industry. You would be surprised at how often it isn’t the experience that secures international internships but the applicant’s approach to the role.





3. Gather information

Relevant experience doesn’t just magically appear on your resume. However, you can arm yourself with a wealth of information. Google, Crunchbase, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are your friends when researching the company. Learning as much as you can about the company, the industry, and the position can put you in good standing against your poorly prepared but more experienced counterparts. Once you have completed your initial research, use the knowledge you now have to question anyone you know with more experience. This could be a parent, friend, or professor. It is great to utilize a person that as a sounding board. That person can answer more of your in-depth questions and suggest points to bring up during your interview.


Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t be too stressed about your lack of experience. Securing fantastic internships abroad are a great step to beefing up your resume. However, when you have very little, you need to know how to work what you have. By following this guide, you can secure your very first internship abroad.

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