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Best tips for working remotely

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Author: Brittany Maddox | February 1th 2022
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So many of us are fortunate enough to still be able to work during this pandemic. With this new way of life comes many new firsts, one of which is working remotely and/or doing remote internships. Companies have transitioned their everyday office work to remote work and can still keep their business flourishing. But how can you be effective while working remotely?




One of the most important things that you can do is communicate openly. Be clear and concise about everything that you do and ask for clarification if you are unsure of something. This will keep everyone on the same page and avoid confusion in the future.


      2.Home equipment


The second thing you can do to be effective is to invest in reliable technology. Remote work relies on you having access to proper devices and a strong Wi-Fi connection. Many companies are also hosting virtual meetings through video conference platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. So it is important that your device has audio and visual components and that you know how to use them!.

When you are in an office setting, you have access to a desk, chair, and additional items to make you comfortable and focused on work. When you work remotely, you may not have those items in your immediate vicinity. There are many ways to remedy this. You could consider using your kitchen table. If you don’t have a desk, or possibly even utilizing a shared workspace in your area. You may also use other furniture in your home as a standing desk, or if its nice weather you can work outside to give yourself a change of scenery (if it’s not too distracting).




Working remotely gives you more responsibility than when you are working in an office because you must hold yourself accountable and no one is looking over your shoulder. You need to ensure that you complete all the tasks for the day. Sticking to a strict schedule will help you accomplish this goal. Be sure to plan the whole workday out and then stick to the schedule to complete all of the assignments for the day.




Take some time to stretch every few hours. Sitting in front of a computer screen day-in and day-out can wreak havoc on your back and put a strain on your eyes. When you are making your schedule, consider adding in a few five or ten-minute breaks to reset. You can utilize these breaks for using the restroom, grabbing water, stretching, or just for taking a mental pause. Just don’t go overboard and make sure that you head back to your computer after the break!


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      5.Work/Life Balance


It’s a great idea to get a separate phone number to help manage your work/life balance. It’s tempting to use your cell or house phone since you’ll be working from home, but if you do this, the line between work life and home life might get blurred. Several issues may arise with you using your number for work purposes. Not only will it be difficult to decipher work calls from personal calls, but your clients will also always have access to you. If you get a separate number, such as a Google Voice number attached to an email, or a text-free number, you will be able to send any and all calls to that number to your voicemail at a specific time each day. This will allow you to take back control and set clear boundaries between your work and your personal time.




Participate and engage with your coworkers. You may start to feel isolated and alone when you work remotely since you aren’t getting the human contact that you’re used to from working in an office setting, (Don’t we all miss chatting at break time?) but attending and contributing to virtual meetings and checking in with coworkers can help you stay connected.




Be positive. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Working remotely is a huge transition and we’re all trying to find our footing. Don’t compare yourself to others, only strive to be better than you were yesterday. Take time to acknowledge or even celebrate your accomplishments instead of harping on what still needs to be done. This will keep you motivated to keep going.


      8.Know when to stop


Know when to log-off! Many times when you are working remotely, you will receive numerous phone calls or emails, and many times it will be outside of your normal work hours. You are more than welcome to respond, but also be cognizant that you can respond once you are back on your shift. If the task is urgent then you can respond, but if you think it can wait until your next shift then let it go.

In conclusion, think of what will be best for you and what will help you be the best employee. These tips are merely suggestions, not law. Adopt the tips that mesh well with your lifestyle and be the best worker that you can be!

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