HR & Talent Management

Sector Overview

We offer internships abroad in HR and Talent Management at some of the most competitive companies in the world. Our interns work in the HR and recruiting departments and actively participate in hiring and management process. Our internships abroad provide valuable industry experience and insight into the international corporate landscape.

Example Company

career up international business

IAS Global

IAS Global is a leading provider of ticketing and pricing services to agents involved particularly but not limited to the shipping and offshore industries. On-the-job training positions are available to individuals interested in this multifaceted industry with the management of personnel from a variety of departments.

Interns will work in the RCBC Plaza within the central business district of Makati in Manila. Interns go through IAS Global’s formalized On-the-Job Training Program (OJT).

Example Projects

Helping with all aspects of the recruitment process, from job posting to interviewing, and reference checks

Using key HR software or services to more effectively manage, score, and on-board candidates

Facilitate event planning process by supporting teams in preparation for regional workshops and networking

"Working with IdeaSpace here has been unbelievable and SK Pacific having that connection and being able to put me here has been invaluable.”

Joseph Sullivan, Finance Intern, IdeaSpace


"When I arrived in Manila, my driver was waiting for me. He took me to my hotel and got me checked in. Everything was as smooth as it could possibly be.”

Rachel Clark, International Business Intern, IAS Global