Sector Overview

Our international internships in Finance dive into the competitive world of finance deals with managing flows of money through investments in various asset classes. In an increasingly interconnected world, financial activity is central to the performance of the global economy. It is a highly opportune time to gain international financial experience with an internship abroad. Gaining internship experience in the industry is a prerequisite to obtaining long-term employment. We offer internships abroad in some of the region’s most prestigious financial institutions including consulting firms, multinational conglomerates, investment banks, asset managers, private equity, and hedge funds.

Example Company

We work with more than 250+ companies offering investment/finance internships

career up bluehill asset managment

BlueHill Asset Management

BlueHill Asset Management is a boutique venture capital firm that invests in fast-growing tech companies in Asia. We also capitalize on our wide networks to provide bespoke sourcing services for private equity investments.

Leveraging on our expertise and relationships, we partner and invest with a number of institutional investors, private equity, and venture capital firms as well as high net worth individuals to create sustainable returns. We also assist institutional investors and large enterprises in structuring and managing a focused venture capital arm. Together, we help to define an investment mandate, customize deal flow, and formulate strategies in line with their preferences and objectives.

Example Projects

Work with the business development team to identify and develop investment opportunities. Complete financial due diligence on pending transactions

Evaluate business models, existing operational flow, and marketing systems. Scope also includes financial analysis and industry competitive assessment

Prepare reports for management, with investment thesis and analysis to identify new opportunities

Preparing financial reports and projections, and identifying key performance metrics, including expense forecasting and reporting

Assessing and comparing the financial performance of services benchmarked to major competitors

Conduct cost-benefit analysis to assess the financial viability of business proposals

"Working with IdeaSpace here has been unbelievable and SK Pacific having that connection and being able to put me here has been invaluable.”

Joseph Sullivan, Finance Intern, IdeaSpace


"When I arrived in Manila, my driver was waiting for me. He took me to my hotel and got me checked in. Everything was as smooth as it could possibly be.”

Rachel Clark, International Business Intern, IAS Global